Quarantine sticker pack "Give me a hug" Бушланова Анна

Интерактивные проекты

Задача проекта

Working in advertising implies constant communication with clients, colleagues and partners. And with the turning to the remote work, we lost our usual communication. To encourage our colleagues, and then the entire advertising community, we came up with a sticker pack for those, who are «from home today». Goals: 1. Supporting the team spirit of the agency's employees in remote work mode. 2. Support colleagues from the advertising market — create a feeling of unity and solidarity.

Идеи и решения

The choice fell on the sticker pack for telegram, because this particular messenger is the most commonly used by our colleagues and clients in their communication. So Stickers are a form of quick communication that could transfer not just an information but also an emotion. We use stickers to show how we feel about something, to make same jokes and communicate in more informal and interesting way. The project implementation process, from idea to launch, took 12 hours: we quickly came up with creative points, then drawn and announced the stickers on our social networks. Moreover, we have created a special website http://hugstickers.ru