Дичь – Иван Дорн Petrick Animation

Анимация, моушн-дизайн
WWF, Yandex.Music, Universal Music, BBDO
Birds Records

Задача проекта

More and more birds go extinct every year. Globally, at least 40% of bird species are in decline and one in eight birds are on the verge of extinction. We had to come up with a solution that would provide a sustainable flow of donations and raise awareness of the issue of bird extinction. But charity in Russia is still in its infancy. In 2018, less than half of Russians made charitable donations. Most people provided targeted financial assistance and did it on a  “one-off” basis. Only 2% of the

Идеи и решения

To create a sustainable income WWF, Yandex.Music and Universal Music transferred the streaming model to the charitable sector. We turned birdsong of endangered species into music samples and made them available for free on condition that all money from streaming should go to WWF to fund bird protection. It became the basis for the record label monetizing bridsong The music video “Dich” is the starting point for Birds Records. “Dich” features the voices of endangered bird species from the IUNC Red List. Streaming “Dich” and other Birds Records’ tracks generates money for the WWF “Dich” is an illustration of human activities that influence the extinction of rare bird species. The video consists of 9 stories in 9 different styles. Issues resonate with the audience more through the lens of visual style. Pollution is illustrated with dirty ink and the birds’ last dance consists of 120 hand drawn frames. Over 20 artists of various disciplines worked on “Dich