The Digital Earth project for re:Store and Winzavod Redo Bureau

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UX, UI & Journey Design

Задача проекта

Digital Earth is a new initiative of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art and the re:Store retail chain, which aims to support young artists. As part of a joint project with re:Store, Winzavod held an open call aimed at finding new names in the art world and further support for the newcomers. The goal of Digital Earth is to show how easy it is now to become an artist with the help of modern technology

Идеи и решения

We designed the Digital Earth website, using the open-source programming language P5.js. The mouse hover triggers the distortion effect, which, in turn, deforms the background—reflecting how modern artists reinvent both real and digital worlds through their works. ⠀ ⠀ O team developed a design based on translucent tabs that could be easily moved across the screen. This technique symbolizes the free interaction of human and art, interactive and fluid format of the homepage emphasizing the plasticity of the art world