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Интерактивные проекты

Задача проекта

According to the statistics of the CAT, 3 out 4 people who complained about torture in Russia are denied initiation of criminal proceedings. Police often explain the appearance of injuries by absurd testimony, and the system believes the stories of police officers, not their victims. This insight is the subject of the project, which was created in cooperation with the news portal Meduza. All quotes that are read in the project are taken from real cases of torture.

Идеи и решения

All quotes read by the heroes of the video are taken from real cases conducted by the lawyers of the Committee against Torture. These are the explanations of the police about how, in their version, the torture victims received their injuries. Not a single word was invented. These police quotes are animated with animations in the style of classic Disney or Looney Tunes cartoons. They recreate what was written by the police and thereby demonstrate that their lyrics are more suitable for absurd cartoons, rather than real cases of torture. The total coverage of the video in social networks was 2,000,000 people.