Advertising campaign for Шадрина Полина

Интерактивные проекты

Задача проекта

To show in one video the variety of job search opportunities and available professions using the website.

Идеи и решения

Slogan: “You need useful contacts to find a great job”. Video description: With each shot of a new profession - a phrase that connects what is happening on the screen and explains one part of the opportunities in finding a job. Translation of meanings through the positive experience of the main character of the video: "I know where would have taken it without experience" “I know how to find a job in one day” "How to find a job without leaving the couch" What was involved in the process? Creative idea, selection of locations, casting of actors, casting of cats, timings, drafts for outdoor advertising, 6 locations, repainted cyclorama, a huge number of reformats. Backstage: