#КТО_ТЫ Zlata Ermakova

Интерактивные проекты
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Задача проекта

#Who_are_u is an interactive miniseries focused on the story of a young human rights activist — Nina, who is learning to live, love, and defend human rights in today’s Russia. The main aim of the project is to overcome the stigma against human rights defenders and activists among the young audience. We wanted to reach the young audience outside Moscow and Moscow region and talk to them about Human rights in a non-intrinsic way.

Идеи и решения

We made the first miniseries about human rights defenders in Russia. People in Russia still believe that human rights do not concern them and human rights defenders are so-called foreign agents. This opinion is especially strong in towns and villages among all Russia. That is why we are so proud that our series was watched in all regions in Russia. 80% of our viewers are outside Moscow and Moscow region. And almost 70% of our audience are younger than 25 y.o. The story is based on the real human rights cases that were taking place in modern Russia. We have conducted 30 interviews with young human rights activists to make the story reliable and relevant. But to make a real impact, we turned to the interactive format that has already proven more engaging for younger audiences on our previous project, “It’s Complicated”. Video game elements introduce agency into the traditional series format and allow a deeper level of audience engagement and attract young viewers. The script was co-authored and edited by human rights activists. We got a positive rating on the draft script from the editor, consultants, leaders of public opinion. In each episode, the viewer has to choose for the characters how to cope with the situation. We give the viewer a choice between two behavioral patterns — Nina’s way (to use human rights tactics) and Roman’s way (to use violence or creativity or other "grassroots" method). Our goal isn’t to judge the viewers’ decisions as "right" or "wrong", but we must explain how this kind of situation unfolds in real life and what consequences it might have. So we created info cards for each situation. After the viewer's decision, there is always an info card explaining what domestic violence means, what you can do to help the victim, what the law says about domestic violence in Russia, etc. Info cards were prepared by experts in the field of law and human rights.