Unfolder - современный файловый менеджер для создателей Скворцов Григорий

UX, UI & Journey Design

Задача проекта

Make a modern file manager, powerful yet simple, targeted at creators tasks and made to provide seamless user experience on desktop, web and mobile.

Идеи и решения

Today's file managers, viewers and players are obsolete, they are slow and inconvenient, they haven’t changed for decades. So I designed Unfolder - modern file manager for creators. Unfolder is made to work with images and video, featuring Material Design interface, file operations and name conflict resolution done just right. There is a built-in player, image (RAW) and video viewer, everything made for convenience. Another feature of Unfolder is sharing and publishing service that will let you share (or even post to social networks) any file or publish any folder in two clicks, and on the web it will look exactly the same as in local file manager. Some additional background information: https://medium.com/@greg.skvortsov/file-management-done-wrong-pt1-ce9f8e50c67c