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Задача проекта

Only huge corporations care about their brand for employees — how does it look, sound, feel for the team and job seekers? Their audiences are numerous and budgets are impressive, so clear positioning in all aspects makes sense. Meanwhile, small companies often do not understand why they should work on an employer brand, or don’t have enough resources for it. How to explain the importance of building an employer brand for SMEs, and especially for rising IT-stars — startups?

Идеи и решения

makelove branding agency decided to show startups the real power and the real creation of an employer brand. We wanted to show practically how a brand is forming, how it affects investors and customers, and how it attracts people to join the team. For open and honest conversation we started a reality show called Brand Incubator. For Brand Incubator we developed a tech-styled design concept based on makelove agency’s logo and brand identity. The idea of startup's growth is reflected in Brand Incubator's logo, which is formed stage by stage from parts of our agency's logo. A youthful spirit of the show is created by variable graphics: stickers, overlays, thin linear illustrations and neon gradients. The hub of the show is a landing page where all materials are collected: Project’s roadmap consisting of 5 steps: briefing, brand strategy, creative concept, digital strategy and media planning. All streaming of the project team and Drinkit Zoom meetings: brainstorms, presentations, collecting and discussing comments, screencasts about the working process — the whole backstage of creating an employer brand. Articles on about branding hints and results of every Brand Incubator stage. The show was also maintained and promoted on Facebook and Instagram. We made several posts with recipes of a tasty design concept and a great brand strategy. Followers can watch all episodes of the show on makelove pages, share and comment, vote for favourite concept and ask questions about the project. Results 5 months of the show; 20+ streams and videos; 9285 views.