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Дизайн вебсайтов UX, UI & Journey Design

Задача проекта

Misha Nikatin is a promising Moscow-based visual artist. His artworks feature ordinary yet aesthetically pleasing objects that may appear rather mundane to us, sophisticated internet users. Our goal was to design a website in such a way that it would not throw shadow over the works of the artist, but rather elegantly highlight them.

Идеи и решения

The page layout reflects a concept of beauty hiding in detail. The website resembles an endless canvas to be filled with new projects in the foreseeable future, creating an illusion of the never-ending wall of the museum exposition. We also developed ‘Days of Lonely People’, a virtual art-gallery, an attempt to document the trials and tribulations of self-isolation. The artworks are a tribute to the famous series 'Projects for a Lonely Person' by Viktor Pivovarov. Created at the intersection of design, architecture, and programming this digital space pushes the viewers towards self-reflection. Our creative team also designed posters for Misha's exhibition "Collectible art. Merging art & design" in Moscow, demonstrating the inextricable link between design and art. The website — https://mishanikatin.com The gallery ‘Days of Lonely People’ — https://lonelypeople.mishanikatin.com